Technology Through the Years

Technology Through the Years

Ever since I was a small kindergartener we had tech classes at Good Shepherd. Through the years we went through phases of robotics, fun websites, 3D printing, and coding. All these were a great time, but by far the most interesting aspect of technology class for me was Back in third and fourth grade, we would use a website called to learn the basics of coding. Since there were levels you had to pass me and my friends would race to see who could complete the level mode the quickest. We balanced fun with hard work and that was the outcome, a fun time.

Realizing that the world is changing and technology is taking over, our science and technology teacher made a decision to introduce C++ coding at 7th and 8th grades. We started with the basics, printing simple phrases on the screen like “Hello World”.

Soon, we were doing very advanced problems that included code that looped finding the smallest, second smallest, and third smallest number from a list of numbers randomly inputted by the user.

Coding was not easy. Everyone has their ups and downs. There were some nights where I sat at my desk for hours and achieved nothing. I wanted to just give up, stop trying. I would be on the verge of defeat and then I would get one part of the code correct. Little by little I would get parts of the code correct until I had it complete. Other nights I wouldn’t even be coding because I got it all complete in class. All the nights I spent working on the code are turning me into a better and better coder. Now, when I face a difficult coding problem, I just attack it!

(Kailer, 7th Grade)