My Outdoor Education Experience

My Outdoor Ed Experience

Most people don’t go on many hikes or appreciate nature as much as people used to, so many schools decided to have an Outdoor Ed program. Schools decide to spend some time at the Outdoor Ed program, and dedicate themselves to nature.These programs are great ways to connect with not only nature, but classmates as well. Some programs are christian camps, and talk about how God is in nature. You get to go on hikes, experience nature, and do fun activities, like archery or swimming. My class and I went to one of these camps last week and the experience was absolutely amazing.

Our trip helped me realise that we need to save our planet. God gave us beautiful trees and meadows for us to enjoy, but these trees are being chopped down for unnecessary resources. We need to protect the Earth because if these trees get cut down we will have less oxygen and pollution will get worse. There are many ways we can protect the planet but one stands out, less food waste. Getting less waste helps us save the Earth because it reduces the amount of animals we kill. It also decreases the amount of electricity used on stoves or ovens. 

At camp we learned to appreciate nature more. Most people think “why go outside? I can just see the trees on a screen”, and I used to think like that until camp showed me how different a screen and actually hiking really is. When hiking you get to breathe fresh air from the trees and touch all the plants. Nothing beats going on a hike and breathing the fresh morning air. Going hiking is also great exercise but only when done for a long time. 

My experience at camp was completely life-changing. It showed me how fun it is to go on long hikes and how important it is to save the earth. I would 100% go back, and I think that everyone deserves the opportunity to go to one of these camps.