Jan 31st Newsletter

January 31, 2022 

Dear Good Shepherd School Families: 

This week, we join students, families, and educators throughout the world in celebrating the gift of Catholic schools. For parents, it provides an opportunity to reflect upon why we chose a Catholic education for our children…was Good Shepherd School the right value for an excellent private education? Were you educated in a Catholic school and wanted the same principles to shape your child’s formative years? Did you stumble upon Good Shepherd School when so many other schools remained in remote learning due to the pandemic? Perhaps a friend or neighbor shared the option and you felt pulled to enroll after getting to know the school. Regardless of what drew you in, the beauty of Catholic education is that all families – diverse in family structure, faith, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds – become part of the fabric of a community with a common goal of educating young hearts and minds for a higher purpose. 

Earlier this week I listened to an interview with Marc Benioff, a fourth generation San Franciscan and founder of the phenomenally successful Salesforce. In referencing his early career, he held onto some valuable advice from a man who would become one of his key mentors: Colin Powell. Powell recognized that Benioff would make waves in the business world well before Salesforce existed, and he asked Benioff to commit early on to not only “doing well, but to doing good.” This notion, so evident in Benioff’s career path, persona, and company, resonates because it captures what I think is the “secret sauce” of Catholic education: parents & educators commit to the sacred work of helping children recognize, nurture, and honor their God-given talents in order to do good in the world. This shared endeavor is the central reason we all belong.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff of Good Shepherd School, I thank you for sharing the blessed responsibility of educating your children with us. Thank you for choosing Catholic school. 

Peace & Blessings, 

Mele Mortonson 

Academic Administrator, Good Shepherd School 


Thank you to Karen Kovaleski and the Parent Board for hosting the lovely reception in the yard after Mass on Sunday. The weather cooperated so nicely and it was a lovely opportunity for so many to visit classrooms and be together. 

Virus Geeks covid testing is a free resource available to all students and their families every Wednesday until further notice. Please be sure to sign up in advance here: https://my.virusgeeks.com/testreg?org=goodshepherd. Students in grades K-2 are welcome to complete the swab at home, while 3-8 graders can do the swab at school. Last week’s results were made available Thursday evening. This is a great  way for us to slow the spread of Covid in our community – thank you to everyone who is taking advantage of this testing. 

Financial Aide Planning: Please mark your calendars: April 15th is the deadline for all financial aide applications. Even if you are not eligible for financial aide through the Archdiocese, we ask that any families who are considered for internal scholarships have a completed application on file. This is a critical element of maintaining a diverse and inclusive school community, so thank you for your support!   https://mytads.com/

Intent to Return: This year, our inquiry regarding your plans to re-enroll for the 2022-2023 academic year will be sent to your email via google form. This information is critical as we make decisions regarding the school budget, tuition, and staffing. Thank you so much for responding within the timeline referenced once the inquiry is sent. 


Mon 1.31 Reader’s Day Uniform or Dress as your favorite literary


*Classroom presentations from Pacific Public Library 

*GSS Bookmarks for all students 

*postponed Scholastic book fair for later this spring 

Tues 2.1 Chinese/Lunar New Year: Year of the Tiger  – Uniform or gold/red 


*5th Grade presentation @ morning assembly 

*Hong Bao and fortune cookie treats at end of day 

Star Testing #3 begins (through Feb. 11th) 

Wed 2.2 Friends of Good Shepherd Day – Full Uniform dress 

Virus Geeks on site Covid testing 

Thurs 2.3 Blazer Spirit Day – Uniform or Spirit Wear 

*2pm Spirit Rally

*2:25pm Ice Cream Social in the courtyard 

Fri 2.4 Grandparents/Special Person’s Day (gifts sent home) – Full Uniform 

Mon 2.14 Minimum Day 12:30pm Dismissal – Archdiocese Prof. Dev. Day 

Valentine’s Day Class Parties – Uniform dress 

Tues 2.15 Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences (Tues-Fri 12:30pm dismissal) 

Mon 2.21 School Holiday – President’s Day 

Fri 2.25 End of Trimester II