So, you need to write an essay for your high school application

  1. Make sure to read the question carefully, and to prepare to answer all parts of the question thoroughly.  Implement one of the prewriting techniques which we have learned to use in the classroom in order to effectively plan your writing.  
  2. Proofread, proofread, proofread!  Make sure that there are no silly mistakes in your writing related to spelling, grammar, or organization.  These types of mistakes often give the wrong impression of the writer’s talents and abilities to the person reading
  3. Be genuine.  Give high schools an opportunity to be introduced to your true personality and character.  Your high school application essay may be the best opportunity for your high school to become acquainted with you.
  4. As you are writing, present yourself in a positive light.  Allow high schools to see that you are a strong individual with proper morals.  Convince the reader that you contribute in a positive way to the school for which you are applying.
  5. Have your essay stand out among the rest.  How can you make your essay more memorable than the many others?  Include details, facts, and anecdotes which will impress the people evaluating your application.
--M. Maloney, English Teacher and High School Prep Chair