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After School Tech Club


On offer at Tech Club

  • Digital Art
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Electronics
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing

What our students say about our After-School Tech Club


β€œIn technology, I like working with robots. It makes me feel like I am in the future.” (Matthew, 5th Grade)


"When we were building circuits on breadboards, I enjoyed figuring out how to connect each part of the circuit.  It was like a puzzle with missing pieces that I was eager to fill." (Olivia, 6th Grade)

"I love being able to build things with Lego Digital Designer." (William, 5th Grade)


" I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from 3D modeling with Tinkercad.  I want to be a doctor and can now imagine designing and printing 3D organs.  When we were designing a pen holder for our robot, I enjoyed having an open project where I had to figure out the measurements, the math and the final product on my own."  (Gianna, 6th Grade)


"Love TynkerCAD.  It is so satisfying to see a good end product that you build and create from scratch." (Ted, 5th Grade)

"Troubleshooting is what I have learned from our robotics class.  When we were building the body of the robot, we just couldn't get the wheels to stay.  We then realized that the wheels needed alignment.That taught me to try and get to the root of a problem." (Dalilah , 6th Grade)
"When we started working with the mBots and I could make the robot move by just clicking a piece of code, I was like "Wow!" "(Seneca, 6th Grade)