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Our Approach

Our Approach = Movement + Sports + Learning


Anyone who has been around children know that they love to be active! But activity serves a larger purpose, besides just fun. Children learn from movement, playground games and sports. Physical activity develops essential social skills and movement is like a generator to the brain.


That's why at Good Shepherd School, movement is an integral part of learning. Whether it's outdoor/indoor recess, PE classes, or the many after school sports and community activities available in our coastside town, we promote a movement mix for developing minds.


Better Performance


Being active is a necessary means of communication and learning for young children. It is critical to their life and education.  Our school day schedule includes morning and afternoon recess and PE classes twice a week.


Our dedicated Physical Education teacher rotates a program that ranges from dodgeball to yoga, and even western line dancing! Most students at Good Shepherd begin organized sports in Kindergarten with Fundamentals First Basketball, community soccer leagues or swimming lessons. Competitive Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) league sports begin in 3rd grade with Girls Volleyball and Basketball and Boys Basketball.


Developing brains are fueled by movement. Study after study demonstrates the connection between the part of the brain primarily used in movement to the part of the brain used in cognitive functions, such as memory, spatial orientation, attention, language and decision-making. Many studies also show that physically active students have improved academic performance, achieve higher test scores and have a better attitude toward school.