Good Shepherd students RISE.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations:


Good Shepherd School graduates are

Responsible Citizens who...

  • make good moral choices based on Christian values
  • respect cultural differences
  • recognize the importance of providing help to those in need: locally, nationally, and globally
  • understand that our decisions and actions always have consequences

Independent Thinkers who...

  • apply higher order thinking skills within academic and real life situations
  • recognize and understand the use of non-verbal communication
  • acquire and process information from a variety of sources
  • demonstrate creativity and an ongoing appreciation for music, literature and art

Spiritually Centered Individuals who..

  • know that the Creator is at the center of the universe and of ourselves
  • engage in a personal relationship with God through prayer and liturgical celebrations
  • use Jesus as a role model to work and play cooperatively with others
  • exhibit faith in the reality of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Gospel message of Jesus

Environmentally Focused Stewards who..

  • understand that every person has a responsibility for protecting the environment
  • possess an awareness of current events and their global effect
  • strive to participate in stewardship opportunities
  • learn about and teach others of the importance to care for God's creation