CREATE: More than STEM


Good Shepherd's CREATE program

Coding, Robotics, Electronics, Art, Technology, Engineering


The Vision

We aspire for our students to:

  • Understand that power, data and memory are the core pieces that make up computing devices.
  • Program computing devices to collect, display, process and visualize data to solve problems and complete purposeful tasks.
  • Digital painting, design in 3D, edit videos and audios and design and control robots
  • Distinguishing between the hardware and software that make up devices
  • Extend the capabilities of computers by adding sensors and wireless connections to send, receive, process and store data
  • Understand that data over the internet needs to be broken into individual pieces and travel along a physical or wireless path - through a global network of computers - to be reassembled on arrival
  • Protect information with security measures
  • Develop programs and iteratively improve them through disciplined troubleshooting.

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