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High School Prep

As an elementary school one of the indicators of our effectiveness is the success of our graduates in high school.  We provide a strong curriculum which prepares them to tackle the academic challenges of high school. We are also committed to helping them apply to and choose a high school which best suits their needs and talents.


Beginning in Grade Seven, students and their families are provided with information about Open House at the various local private and public schools.  Representatives from the schools are invited to speak to the Seventh and Eighth Grade students about their various programs. In Eighth Grade students are encouraged to shadow at their top choices.  Parents are reminded of deadlines for applications for both admittance and financial aid. The junior high teachers counsel students on their choices and help with their essays.


Elementary school is the first step of the education ladder.  We help our students get a solid footing on the second step – high school.

High School Directory

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