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The Technology Curriculum

Kindergarten to 3rd grade

  • Use computers as a learning tool

  • Create digital stories, paintings, music and audio products

  • Control robots with code

  • Build simple circuits with power source, wires and different kinds of loads


4th and 5th Grade

  • Build a motor from scratch

  • Build circuits with breadboards

  • Use voltmeters to measure voltage, current and resistance through a circuit

  • Program micro-controllers to control circuits with code

  • Build a robot from scratch

  • Connect motor controllers

  • Add sensors

  • Wirelessly control robot through radio and infrared

  • Conduct robot races and soccer matches


6th Grade

  • Design and print in 3D with TynkerCAD

  • Create audio poetry, stories and historical accounts with Audacity

  • Create video commercials and movie trailers with Adobe Premiere

  • Program the Microbit to make digital tools such as a digital thermometer to collect environmental data for Earth Science investigations


7th / 8th Grade:

  • Program in C++ using variables, conditions, loops and arrays

  • Use sensors, such as the heart beat sensor - to conduct investigations in the field of Life Sciences

  • Investigate speed, velocity, acceleration, force, density and buoyancy and use C++ to collect, store and manipulate data to solve problems in Physical Science

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