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Young Engineers and Computer Scientists

In addition to providing exciting learning opportunities in the traditional well-established subjects of science and mathematics, at Good Shepherd, we offer students the rare opportunity to make a headstart in the fastest growing skills in demand: computer science and engineering.  Computer science in particular is a very new subject in the school curriculum and Good Shepherd has invested the last ten years in making it as vital a part of the school curriculum as learning to read and write.


The Highlights of our technology and engineering offerings:

  • A resource rich MAKERSPACE with a focus on robotics, engineering and coding

  • Access to 3D printers, soldering machines, breadboards, wires, power sources, microcontrollers, motor controllers and sensors

  • A full electronics curriculum that begins at Kindergarten

  • A complete coding program that begins with coding in Kindergarten and ends with C++ in the 7th and 8th grade

  • Access to building robots with microcontrollers like the Microbit and the Arduino

  • A full engineering immersion experience with bridge and tower building projects

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