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The GSS Student

Our school’s mission is to empower students to achieve spiritual growth, academic excellence, personal responsibility, and mutual respect.  We strive to form students who RISE as leaders in our global society.

We focus our course of study on the subjects that will lead students to become

Responsible citizens

Independent thinkers

Spiritually centered individuals

Environmentally focused stewards


Our curriculum is built on strong foundations in Reading, Composition, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Computer Science, and Critical Thinking    

  • Reading is the gateway to all academic pursuits  

  • Composition is necessary to clear, precise thinking and gives us the means to communicate that thinking

  • Math is more than numbers and counting . It is about process, finding and  exploring patterns,using logical steps to solve problems all which makes the vast universe comprehensible. It begins with arithmetic, the” literacy” of numbers

  • Science empowers students to explore and try to understand the wonders of the universe. Using the scientific method they apply logic and critical thinking to find solutions.

  • Social Studies  is the study of human action and its causes and effects.  

  • Religion allows students to develop and nurture their spiritual life.

  • Computer Science gives students the tools for the future. Students use devices to produce work - through coding, three dimensional design, video and audio editing, and mastery of  Word, Excel ,and PowerPoint

  • Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. Students learn to engage in reflective and independent thinking and to understand the logical connections between ideas.

While these disciplines form the basic core of the curriculum, students also engage in the study of Mandarin, art, music, and physical education.  These are essential to a well-rounded academic education


Projects and events like the San Mateo County Science Fair, the Maker Fair, Opera a la Carte, Book to Bravo, Sing a Story, and the Hero Project span multiple grades (K-8). These activities provide students with growth opportunities across the curriculum.


As our students gain mastery of the curriculum, they are well prepared for advanced studies in high school.

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